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Small reminders, fact not fiction, the doctor won’t tell you to get you going again.


When I look at hands I see something similar to a hologram. A complex combination of size, shape and a myriad of tiny patterns provide me with insights into your emotional responses and preferences. 

The hands contain thousands of nerve endings that are in direct contact with your central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. The hand also offers a view of the genetic make up we inherited from our parents. It is impossible to alter the past. The question is, where to from here?

It is possible to break through the personal limitations of our current situation. Sometimes you just need to re-assess the building blocks that define us.

I offer a complete re evaluation of who you can be by revealing how your basic psychological nature can affect your health, career, and relationships.

My name is Cello Robertson.

“In my experience, it is the things we cannot see that we need to devote more time to. i.e The sub conscious and anxiety”

I have worked extensively in various roles within the health sector in New Zealand and have also studied natural healing in conjunction with western medicine. From my experience I conclude that a holistic approach to health, both mental and physical, is the most thorough system.

It was in India in 2004 that I first became interested in Palm Reading. It was not until 2014 that I really started to understand the complex nature of hand analysis.

After some months in retreat in 2015 I began practising Palm Reading professionally.

Cello Robertson

I see my role as a palm reader primarily as a guide not a judge. Through my analysis I can offer a reading that is both objective and real. Often, I am just confirming your own basic insights and feelings.

My goal is to bring you to a greater degree of self confidence and self-reliance. I endeavour through my readings to help you see life more as an adventure to be experienced rather than an endless series of problems, obstacles and frustrations.

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My Approach & Philosophy

“A lie does not become the truth by reason of multiplied propagation. Nor, does the truth become a lie because no one will believe it.”
Mahatma Gandhi.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. You cannot re write the past, but you do have a choice about your future.

Palm reading is a tool for self-knowing. Know thyself.

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